A Project of the Institute for Chinese Martial Arts (UK) 英國中華國術學院
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One Community Project
One Community Project is organised and managed by the Institute for Chinese Martial Arts (ICMA) based at Hightown Community Sports and Arts Centre, Concorde Street, in Luton, Bedfordshire. The Project was established in 2002 and is registered with Voluntary Action Luton. The Project works closely with the Centre for Youth and Community Development (CYCD), based in Bury Park, Luton, Bedfordshire, and other community groups throughout Bedfordshire.  

The ICMA  works on a voluntary basis to deliver a programme of activities which help to develop: coordination; strength; stamina; endurance; and a high standard of physical fitness, in line with promoting a  positive attitude to exercise, physical and mental development. The CKI invites members of the British Martial Arts Teams to train with young people, as role models, to inspire confidence and a desire to achieve.

The martial arts aspect help to build confidence, a respect for oneself and others and a feeling of being safe both inside and outside the institutional/educational environment. The grading structure allows children and young people to develop at their own pace, so they can enjoy the classes without the constant pressure to advance before they are ready, thereby placing them, and their needs, at the centre of the learning programme; and, when ready, they can take their grading and have their achievements recognised both nationally and internationally.

The classes comprise young people from different races, creeds, ethnicity, and backgrounds. Whilst diversity is apparent and appreciated, it does do not act as a barrier during training; and the students function very much as one community. The One Community ethos is an appreciation diversity and a tolerance and respect for difference; and a recognition that our diversity can enrich the one community of which we are all part.

Our Mission
  The One Community Project was developed to help children and young people, mainly from disadvantaged and/or disaffected backgrounds, to help realise their potential using One Community Project activties to act as a catalyst for success. The medium of traditional Chinese martial arts (Kuoshu, also known as Traditional Wushu, and more popularly known as Kung Fu), has been successful in helping young people re-engage with the community and find 'new' respect for the community and themselves.
Contact Information
For more information on the One Community Project, please contact the Project Director, Rob Simpson, at the Institute for Chinese Martial Arts (UK).
01582 876700
01582 876701
Postal Address:
151 Strathmore Avenue, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3QP
Electronic Mail:
General Information admin@kuoshu.co.uk